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Dance-Hall Artiste Beenie Gunter Talks About His Career And Nishike Video

Beenie Gunter is a young and fast rising dance-hall recording artiste who is signed to Savy Music, he is the master mind behind songs like ‘No Offence’ with fellow dance-hall diva Sheebah, ‘Sugar’, ‘John Paul’ among many others. He is a humble guy who sings in Luganda, English and Jamaican Patois. 

He has been very busy trying to find his feet in the growing music industry in Uganda working on different projects. Chano8 had a one on one with him and this is what he had to say.

Chano8: When did you officially start singing?

Ahh officially (Smiles) I started singing last year (2014) when I got signed to Savy Music and my first project under Savy Music was the ‘No Offence’ Remix.

Chano8: What inspires you to do this kind of music (Dance-hall)?

Yeah, I get my inspiration from the day life that we live and the people around me, that is the down town and up town people. Dance-hall expresses everything around us. I have also been listening to lots of Jamaican music and that’s the style I chose to fit in.


Beenie Ganter

Chano8: How do you rate the West African music that is eating up the market here?

I think those guys are just smart, as in they put focus and time in what they do, because in Uganda, some of the artistes do music for leisure, it’s not something they focus on but the West Africans are so focused and put too much time in what they do.

Chano8: Who is Beenie Gunter outside of music?

I think my whole life revolves around music, Music is my life as I would say, everything I do is connected to music.

Chano8: Where do you rate yourself currently?

Hard question but I’ll tell you straight up, real people will rate, do good and the people will rate you, I can’t come out and say am the best dancehall artiste of all time

Chano8: Future Plans.

I leave that to Jah first of all, every living man has dreams and dreams have no deadlines. I see myself better than I am today because there are a lot of things am trying to put together to be somewhere than I am today.

Chano8: Any challenges faced so far?

Challenges are many especially if you are striving for something, lack of connections, no right people to reach out to, the Djs and financially but we give thanks to Jah that we are still going on.

Chano8: Talk about your new ‘Nishike’ video with Pallaso.

Nishike is a Swahili word which means ‘Hold Me’, I did the Audio at Dream studios, Pallaso is one of the guys I’ve liked and also how he does his things and we came up together and saw what was best for our fans because everyone needs love in their life. So it’s a song talking about a guy telling a girl to hold him. The video was shot by Shasha Vybz and I think it’s a good video because the comments I have got from fans are so positive.

Chano8: Any message to your fans?

My fans keep on loving and supporting Beenie Gunter and just keep your eyes locked on Beenie Gunter.


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