Dance-hall Music Is Now Substandard And Fake -Straka Mwezi

WBS TV presenter Straka Mwezi says the quality of dance-hall music done nowadays is fake and cannot be compared to the dance-hall music of the early 2000’s.

She says the music produced by the likes of Emperor Orlando, Menton Summer, General Mega Dee, Mad Tiger, Shanks ViVi D Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Tool Man Kibalama, Bobi Wine and Kid Fox is far better than the music produced by the present generation.

“The music of the 1990’s and 2000’s is still better than the one produced these days. Today’s artists are not as talented as those that started the Urban music generation in Uganda,” she said.

Straka linked with a move to Delta TV

Straka believes standard of dance-hall music has gone down

Speaking on her Thursday night programme Late Show, Straka said the dance-hall music produced 15 years ago was slower and audible but the dance-hall of today is not good because of fast rapping with vulgar language.

“Artists like Ziza Bafana, ZIL, Coco Finger are still not up to the standard because their style is totally different from what the previous artists had.” She added

Ziza Firebase weee

Ziza Bafana is one of the top dance-hall artistes now

She said the love for quick money by artistes has also hampered the industry as many talented musicians are quitting the game for other professions.

“Musicians like Tool Man, Mega Dee, Kid Fox were one of the most talented boys around but quit the industry for unknown reasons,”

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