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Dance-Hall Star A Pass Warns Those Who Give Credit To Satan For Success.

Rumours are so rife about successful Ugandan artistes and pastors claiming that some of them are in the cult of what is commonly known as illuminati.

So far no one has clear evidence because of the conflicting information written in newspapers and on social media blogs. However, some of those who have been written on have come out and raised their complaints in a way of quashing the rumors.

In so doing, fast rising dance-hall star Alexander Bagonza commonly known as A Pass came out and challenged those rumor mongers who are out there tarnishing his name.

Today I am here to educate the idle minds, these people who give all credit for good things to satan and evil, why do you give God a level that he is only supposed to give people Tooth brushes, Tooth picks, matchboxes, shoelaces and other small things and on the other hand Satan gives houses and cars? ‪‎Why Do You Campaign For Satan like God Doesn’t Exist‬, Don’t make God a conductor and make satan the driver,” said A Pass.

A Pass wonders about those who praise satan.

A Pass wonders about those who praise satan.

He also went on to say that Sitani mumukubidenyo campaign mwe ewamwe katonda takyakola, literally meaning that, You have campaigned for satan, doesn’t God work in your places of residence?.

Meanwhile, the rumors have not held the young and ambitious ‘Wuuyo’ hit maker back as he is releasing song after song a thing that his fans love him for. As the illuminati rumors keep on circulating, no one should confuse you because no one knows the other more than they know themselves.

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