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Dance Uganda Night kicks Off In Style At Guvnor

West African music is taking over Africa especially the new Nigerian style sweeping across the country like a tide and even getting recognition across the globe mostly because of the unique beats as well as the ‘funny’ Nigerian accent that has become a deadly weapon in creating that unique touch and identity so many countries luck in the music scene.


The crowd gets jiggy at Guvnor

The Jamaicans are still a force to reckon with and with Diamond Platinumz pulling the strings down South from Tanzania, Ugandan music is facing a serious challenge once again to get recognition and airplay even just in the region let alone on the continental arena.

Because of this, the debate on whether local DJs are shunning our own music in favour of the above mentioned, continues to rage on with big name artists like Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and Eddie Kenzo accusing local DJs, Presenters and Media houses of luck of patriotism, abandoning their own and instead promoting ‘foreigners’ in a very tight and competitive industry.


Uganda Dance at Guvnor


But now Kampala’s premium night club Guvnor has taken a huge step forward in answering some of the cries and criticisms faced by introducing the ‘Dance Uganda Night’ which is specifically dedicated to local music and artistes where revelers have a chance to listen and dance to their favorite hits by Uganda artistes.

It also gives the artistes themselves a chance to interact and get up-close with their fans as they are given an opportunity to perform on these special nights which will be happening every second Tuesday of the month. Some of the best DJs in town with be doing the magic on the turn tables as revelers see off the nights.


Ugandans enjoy at Guvnor


Last night was the official unveiling of the theme night and with NTVs Koona program host Miles Rwamiti taking charge, the excitement was set rolling with live coverage of proceedings and a powerful performance from Catherine Kusaasira. Rwamiti on behalf of NTV, pledged to continue supporting local talent and asked the rest of Ugandans to support in all ways possible as the talent is there for everyone to see.

Most of the people in the crowd seemed to agree with him and took to the floor as soon as the DJs started spinning the disks. Most left smiling in the wee hours of the morning yearning for more.

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