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Daniella Not Happy With People Sharing ‘Unpleasant’ Photo Of Ailing Husband Jose Chameleone

After 3 days of admission at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala, on Monday veteran musician Jose Chameleone was discharged and a he can now receive the rest of the treatment from home

The “Valu Valu” singer was last Friday rushed to Nakasero Hospital in critical condition after a strange illness hit him although some rumours had it that he was battling Pancreas and Liver disorders.

This unconfirmed information got many of his critics as well as bloggers alleging that the disorders are caused by the singer’s overconsumption of whiskey and other alcoholic drinks but his wife Daniella on Saturday revealed that Chameleone is battling an infection called Pyroli (H. Pyroli)

Meanwhile, Daniella came out say this while expressing her big disappointment in Ugandans on social media over sharing a photo, which she termed as “unpleasant” of ailing Chameleone clad in a hospital gown, lying on what looked like a theater bed.

According to her, the “unpleasant photo of their personal person” (Chameleone) is not good for their children’s emotional well being.

In disappointed Daniella’s opinion, people should have instead shared happy pictures of the veteran singer than sharing “damn picture” of him in that state.

“But what are we all sharing that so “unpleasant photo of our personal person”? Do you guys realise he has children far from him whose emotional wellbeing you and me should protect? So am busy collected explaining to my child that PILORI is a bacterial infection that should clear with consistent treatment and you are all sharing a damn picture. Don’t we all have a happy picture of our favourite human?” Furious Daniella said in an Instagram post

Photo of ailing Chameleone that that got his wife Daniella mad

Meanwhile, as the photo continues to make rounds on social media, the person who took and shared it remains anonymous although it could be one of the people who were in hospital with the musician.

Meanwhile, a few days after the completion of the local artistes meeting with Operation Wealth Creation leader, General Salim Saleh in Gulu City which he was part of, Chameleone revealed that he hasn’t been feeling fine and has been seeking medical advice





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