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“I Dare A Pass To Talk About Me”- Gravity Omutujju

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Things seem to be heading to another level in the Ugandan entertainment industry. It looks like the beef between different artistes is soon escalating from words to fists.

Not that anyone has fought yet but the information we are receiving is that Gravity Omutujju wants to beat up A Pass.

The ‘Mbuzi Zakutudde’ musician has dared A Pass to talk about him and see what will happen next.

“If that guy (A Pass) dares me, I will drive to his home with the press and beat him up properly because I don’t know how to make noise,” Gravity said.

Gravity Omutujju has no chills, he promises to beat A Pass in case he talks about her

He said he will not beef on social media but settle any differences physically.

This comes after A Pass has thrown jibes to almost every musician in the industry from Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and recently Barbi Jay and Geosteady.

A Pass is fond of attacking fellow musicians but in a satirical way but Gravity doesn’t need someone to interpret the satire. He is ready to beat the hell out him.

A Pass hasn’t come out with any response but for those who know him better, rest assured he has to retaliate in any way he feels is convincing enough.


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