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Dave Dash Marries Yet Another Mzungu Chick

Dave Dash was previously one of the hottest Radio and TV presenters we had in the industry. He was working for both NTV and Radio City but was forced out of his work stations due to his abuse of drugs.

He came out and publicly admitted to being a drug addict which also affected his previous relationship. He had previously married to a white woman with whom they have one child. She separated with him and even denied him access to the child which hit him hard but he has however been able to go overcome that situation overtime although it hasn’t been easy.

After leaving rehab, he has been able to establish his own marketing company that is doing well but on a better side, Dash decided to rekindle his love life by walking down the aisle another white chick.

Dave Dash whose real name is Lukwago Davis got married to a one Pamela over the weekend.

We still haven’t established more details about where the weeding happened from, where the honeymoon is going to be, who this lady is and more but we shall keep you posted.

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