David Lutalo Defies The Odds Once Again, Fills Up Lugogo Cricket Oval

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins

In this era where the so-called big artistes spend most of their time bickering over supremacy instead of showing their worth, one action-oriented and disciplined artiste is proving them wrong by doing it the right way. David Lutalo last night did not only prove to the world that he is one of Uganda’s biggest artistes, he also defied the odds by pulling one of the biggest crowds in the rent history of Uganda’s entertainment in a month notoriously associated with brokenness.

Of course Lutalo always holds his concerts in January or there about and have always been successful where he attracts thousands of fans from all over the country. However, his concerts have previously been at a smaller venue in Hotel Africana Parking yard.

Some of the MC’s of the night like Flavia Namulindwa, Kasuku and Ruth Kalibala were hilarious

A combination of events such as the ban on outdoor shows and limited space at Hotel Africana this time round, forced him to shift to the more spacious Cricket Oval in Lugogo.  And the decision paid off wholesomely as the vast area got almost full to capacity with just pockets of free spaces here and there.

Fans started trickling in as early as 4 pm with the early birds positioning themselves strategically with the hope of catching the best view of their idol. Several of the fans mostly ladies, pitched camp in a corner close to the stage and sat on the soft grass patiently waiting for proceedings to kickoff as cared less about the evening sunshine.

By the time the curtain raisers came on stage at close to half past 7pm, the mood was already set by the DJs and the excited fans started getting impatient. A series of performers then hit the stage in a non-stop frenzied chain where long-forgotten artistes like Abdul Mulasi, Lady Marian aka Tindatinde, Papa Cidy and Nince Henry resurrected.

There was also plenty of time for new talents like Carol Natongo of the ‘Tukiggale’ fame to showcase as well as the old guards led by Bebe Cool, Gravitty Omuttujju and Rema.  Mc’s like Dembe FM’s Kasusku, Bukedde’s Flavia Namulindwa and Ruth Kalibala kept the audience cracked up with jokes as the wait for the main man came to a close at 10pm.

Geosteady and Bebe Cool (Below) brought out all the heat and forced the fans on their feet

He stepped on stage amidst loud cheers dressed in a white Jacket and black pants with energetic dancers and a live band accompanying him on a well-set stage with perfect sound and lighting courtesy of Balaam Events.  Without wasting time he set about business with some of his old hits like  ‘Mukyalo’ ,’Manya’, ‘Akantu’, ‘So Nice’, ‘Nakukolaki’ and ‘Ujuwe’ until he did the song that introduced him to showbiz – ‘Kapapaala’. This got him a little emotional as he got to his knees and thanked everyone for supporting him and making him who he is now.

Lutalo kneels down to thank fans for turning up in big numbers and supporting him through the years.

Although there was a slight interruption in which CD’s were sold to some of the VIP Guests like Minister of Trade Amelia Kyambadde and Haji Omar aka ‘Asoma Duuwa’, the performances were flawless. When Lutalo returned from a short break dressed in all-black, he was joined by Chris Evans with whom they sang ‘Nguwe Ani’ before Pastor Wilson Bugembe also did ‘Tewali’ followed by a moment of prayer for David Lutalo himself, Moze Radio (Who is recovering in hospital after getting beaten by unknown people in Entebbe) and the music industry in general.

Humble: Pastor Wilson Bugembe praying at last nights’ ‘Wooloolo‘ concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval

The last session was reserved for the latest songs and although the fans by this time were already in dancing mood, time had already run out as the likes of Eddy Kenzo took too long on stage. Lutalo was then forced to sing ‘Kwasa’ before concluding with the theme song ‘Wooloolo’ at midnight. The fans who included Lutalo’s wife and children looked happy and satisfied as the curtains came down on an eventful night with no serious cases of insecurity reported.

Eddie Kenzo performs at Lutalo’s concert. He took too long on stage and almost forgot it wasn’t his show.

David Lutalo’s wife (C) dances with other relatives and friends at the ‘Wooloolo‘ concert yesterday

Minister Amelia Kyambadde gave a cheque of 2Million and promised to add 3million more in four months time

She bought a CD at 10 million and asked Lutalo to pick it anytime from Monday

Hajji Omar decided to give dollars to Lutalo and even threw cash at the fans

The crowd was massive in all the sections of the Cricket Oval

Singer Mesach Semakula of the Golden Band was there to support a brother and even tipped him


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