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David Lutalo Shoots Love You Video. You Won’t Believe How Much It Costs

In a bid to go international, artiste David Lutalo released his most expensive video ever for his track I love you.

The video it is said cost him 15,000 dollars which in Ugandan currency is approximately 40million plus depending on the dollar rate.

The video was shot in South Africa while the audio was produced by Bushington and unlike before, the song is 80 percent English with just a few lines in Swahili.

He’s joined the league of artistes with expensive videos like Bebe Cool, Navio, Goodlyf, Keko and Chameleone.

Earlier on, it’s alleged that the artiste also fired his manager because he wasn’t offering enough in his going international quest.

David Lutalo striving for greatness

David Lutalo striving for greatness

The “Mubi bubi” artiste had a sold out concert earlier this year and decided to use his money from the concert effectively by investing it more into quality videos

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