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‘Dawn’ Music Video; The Tale Of An African Sunrise

A good video is supposed to have a good theme or message embedded in it. Jazz and sax maestro Brian Mugenyi was keen enough to see this, and he chose one of the simplest yet most artistic themes, a sunrise. This though is not any sunrise, it is an African sunrise. By marrying the song title “Dawn” with the video concept, Mugenyi achieved precision, the kind of precision that makes an artiste stand out.


Brian Mugenyi

The day practically breaks in this video. It starts with a hazy morning scene, with more darkness than light. The dancers, strewn on the ground look more like silhouettes of themselves. As the video progresses, the light streaks in, with momentary images of Mugenyi plying his trade at his saxophone. It gives you the feel of an actual day break, and by the time it climaxes, the sun is radiating valiantly.

It was shot in two locations, that is Entebbe and Jambiani, Zanzibar, by two experienced French directors in Cyril Ducotte and Olivier Petrie. Dawn is the title for Mugenyi’s 15 track album, and he was in Tanzania doing a tour when the video was shot.


Brian Mugenyi doing what he does best

Mugenyi is not looking back after this. He is lining up country tours in Kenya and Zambia, while actively participating in the Jazzuphoria at Jazzville Bugolobi. He will also host some of the names he met while on tour, like Carl Winterd from Denmark and Eric Smith from Norway. The track Dawn and the rest of the album will be released officially in 2016.

You can watch Brian Mugenyi’s ‘Dawn’ music video below

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