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Daxx Kartel And Famous Taxi Conductor Dry Tea Crack Fans In Busaabala

Who ever spent their Valentine’s Day at Bobi Wine’s owned beach called One Love in Busaabala for the Uganda’s Finest Concert really had fun. Allot of upcoming artistes were headlined to perform and like usual, the big names that is Bobi Wine and Eddy Kenzo who were the main performers performed last.

Fans enjoyed every bit of performances but when the MC announced it was time for Dry Tea, a famous city taxi conductor and singer to take the stage, fans burst in excitement. Dressed in red gown commonly known as ‘Kanzu’ Dry Tea took the stage and before he could even sing, fans were already shouting out his name.

Dry Tea

Dry Tea after sipping on local alcohol (Tonto) from a fan’s calabash

Dry t

Dry Tea putting up his performance

With a horse and hard voice, he said that him and Bobi Wine have been tight friends and he mimed a few of Bobi’s songs before he could switch to his. When it was his time to get off stage, this is what the high looking man said. “I always perform 5 songs on stage here, even Bobi Wine Knows it so don’t be hard on me Mr. MC.”


MC Kelly tries to send Dry Tea off stage but he refused adamantly

The MC gave him only one more chance but he still didn’t want to leave the stage as if he was the only artiste performing. We were however surprised he had a gospel song which he performed as fans cheered him on.

Dry t1

Dry Tea singing his gospel song

Shortly after, Daxx Kartel who didn’t break the stage rules but thrilled revelers with the way he was looking like and the energy he came with, took the stage. Dressed in a red sleeveless t-shirt, short black pants and a pair of red and black shoes with long stockings, the ‘Baala’ singer wrapped himself with a towel while holding a basin.

Daxx Kartel2

Daxx Kartel


Daxx Kartel gets rid of the towel


Fans were heard asking him to perform ‘Baala’ although he performed it last but before, the things and dance moves he was doing were exciting the crowd as everyone shouted on top of their lungs. Fans sang with him the lyrics of his ‘Baala’ hit, although he later left the stage when they still wanted more of him.

Daxx Kartel

Daxx Katel put up a good perfomannce


The time when Dry Tea came back and joined Daxx Kartel on stage

Daax 3

Daxx Kartel Omuryerubah and a kid dancing to the tunes of ‘Baala’

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