Daxx Kartel And Mary Bata Advocate For Reopening Of Bars In New Collabo

Going by Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health’s recent address on Government’s considerations for phased lifting of the lockdown, bars and discotheques are to remain on suspension until further notice.

Bars and discotheque owners, artistes and a section of people have been asking the Ministry to allow them resume business and also follow SOPs but that seems unlikely going by the fact that Covid19 cases are rising as well as deaths.

With no clear hopes that maybe the bars will be allowed to resume, local artistes Daxx Kartel and Mary Bata teamed up and released a song titled “Mugulewo Ebaala” (Open Bars) produced at Hinterland Records.

Voiced on Daxx’s 2016 hit song “Baala” instrumental, this song, just like it’s title is full of what me may consider calling their humble request to the government to reopen bars. They give reasons as artistes on why they need the bars to be reopened, one of them being the fact that, bars are their convenient places to unwind and earn some money from being booked to perform for revellers in bars

In the song, their pair concentrates on one thing, “the reopening of bars” and Daxx clearly confesses that besides musical concerts, bars have been some of their sources of income and in the same spirit, Mary Bata is worried as in some lyrics she sings “abadongo banalyawa emere”, loosely translated  as “Where will musicians eat from”.

In other lyrics, Bata is heard complaining how the closure of bars is making her life difficult. She wants them to be reopened so that she can go and drink, have fun and party with her friends.

In the concluding lyrics, Daxx Kartel sings about the uses of a bars which include hosting of events, paying tax to government and creating employment.


Even if you are one who doesn’t drink alcohol or go to bars, if you listen to the message in this song, you may be triggered to catch thoughts of wanting to agree with Daxx and Bata and we hope their request reaches the right ears.

Listen to the song here




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