DAY LIGHT ROBBERY: Kiseka Market Street The Latest Kampala’s Dark Spot

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Time and again, thugs in Kampala have always found favourite areas where they can carry on with their usual businesses. Such areas are termed as black spots and security agencies have tried to their level best to inform the public about them. 

Currently, a stretch that connects Kampala road and Rashid Khamis through Kiseka Market is the latest ‘black spot’ and to our surprise, Police have failed to crack down the broad day robbery that takes place there.

Chano8 staged an undercover investigation along the named stretch into how people lose their car accessories and other property to thugs in broad daylight.  Women driving cars are mostly targeted. We were shocked by the audacity these robbers have.

‘How robbers go about their business’- They attack in groups

This one, in particular, happened between the hours of 2 pm and 3 pm. On the same day we visited the place, four men with well-built bodies in black outfits surrounded a Toyota Raum car driven by a lady. They separated themselves and each one stood at every car tyre and they started removing the wheel caps with no fear.

 All this happened in jam period and the lady who was in the driver’s seat remained calm and composed. When the business was done, the men walked majestically into Kiseka market with no one on their case.

To us, it was a shock but to people around the street, it was like a normal business going on. When we talked to a few boda boda riders around, we were reliably informed this has turned into a normal business for thugs. They rob the car accessories and take them for resell in Kiseka market. A stolen wheel cap or side mirror is sold between  Ug Shs 5,000 and 1,0000 to traders

“People with wheel caps that are not tightly tied don’t pass around this place. These thugs come from Kiseka market andthey’re those idle people who deal in Car spare parts. For them, it doesn’t matter what time of the day. They target ladies driving cars in most cases. They can steal anything from Side mirrors to even car tyres” a boda-boda rider told Chano8.

“Police failed to crack down the robbers”- Shop attendants

Shop attendants around Kiseka market street revealed to us that even Police failed to crack down the robbers. Hajara Namusoke who runs a clothes shop along the same street says

 “ I have been here for now 4 years but this robbery started last year. We never used to see people pluck off car accessories in daylight. Police was informed but whenever it is deployed, you will never see any robber around. I think they also failed and gave up” She told us.

“Previously we rounded up idle people around Kiseka market”- Police

Uganda Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima says that last year, Police raided areas surrounding Kiseka market and some were arrested

“ Last year, we carried several raids places around Kiseka Market and managed to do some arrests after we learnt about thugs stealing car accessories especially when there is jam. I will first inquire to confirm if the thugs are back and will inform you our next move”  Mr Kayima said in a brief telephone interview with Chano8

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