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‘Dead’ Andrew Mwenda Responds To Social Media Rumours

Social media has turned into the quickest means of passing on news and any information. Well, earlier today there were  photos circulating  on social media of a posh car surrounded by motor cycles (boda bodas) and the car is allegedly said to belong to political analyst and author Andrew Mwenda.

According to reports, Mwenda is said to have knocked one of the motor cycle riders in Mukono town and tried to run away but the other riders chased and stopped him thus getting arrested at Mukono police station. there were other reports also claiming he was beaten to death by the enraged cyclists.

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Well, immediately after Andrew Mwenda took to his Facebook page where he was hitting back at those circulating what he called rumours in a satirical manner.

“Confirming Facebook rumors that today I was chased and killed by boda bodas in Mukono after knocking one of their own. This post has been uploaded by the spirits of our ancestors. May my soul RIP. I’ve tasked Robert Shaka aka TVO to arrange my funeral. I hereby leave and bequeath all my debts to Kizza Besigye.” Mwenda said


This whole saga was apparently sparked off by one Magulu Ssembeguya who posted pictures of the car surrounded by motor cycles on his Facebook account and accompanied them with words that read.

“Andrew Mwenda knocks a boda boda in Mukono, he tries to ascape but chased by boda bodas and caught. He is now at Mukono Police.”

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