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Deejay Roja Arrested Over Noise Pollution

Laftaz comedy lounge is situated just adjacent to Hotel Africana, which also happens to be one of the three star hotels we have in Uganda and in most cases, the music that is played at the hangout can be heard at the hotel. This led management of Hotel Africana to warn that of Laftaz to play music at a low volume but because Wednesday is the most busy day at the hangout as it osts comedy, music sometimes is blown out of proportion and on Wednesday, resident deejay Roja faced the wrath of the police when he was hulled out of Laftaz and held at Central Police Station (CPS) to show that they mean business with their warnings.

Roja who was in the decks at 2am was arrested by three armed police officers and no one including the management could rescue him and according to Jonathan Kyeyo, one of the proprietors of Laftaz Comedy, they had complied to the Hotel’s request of playing music at a low volume.


DJ Roja at work

“We respected what the hotel said and decided to play music at a respectable volume, but for Police to arrest one of us is really uncalled for. We are making a living just as they are also doing.” He said.

Roja was later released and he talked to us about his experience. “They didn’t put me inside. Jonathan came and settled everything a few minutes after we had arrived and they released me.” Roja said.

The award-winning deejay after his release went straight back to Laftaz and kicked off from where he had left, making patrons dance like nothing had happened before.

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