Denmark-Based Ugandan Singer Joanita Here To Make A Mark

The Ugandan Music industry has in the recent past grown in leaps and bounds with some of the artistes getting massive airplay on international TV channels while others like Eddie Kenzo have won international accolades on the biggest stage and in the process become a darling of thousands out there.

In that regard, many Ugandans in the Diaspora too do not want to be left behind as they have put in their shifts as they have considerably contributed in the growth of the industry like the Ganda Boys, Michael Kiwanuka, SK Simeon and Ang3lina by releasing some top notch songs that have been hitting chats both at home and abroad.

One of those doing a great job is Denmark-based Joanita Zachariassen who shared her 20 year journey in the industry in an exclusive interview with Chano8 recently in Kampala.

The Jolly Soul, Pop and Afro-beat and award winning singer who recently flew in the country to interact with fans and share ideas says she has been in the industry for long especially in Denmark having moved over there when she was only 9 years old and since embarked on music as a professional career.

Denmark-based artiste Joanita has been in the industry for 20 years

Joanita speaking to Chano8 recently in Kampala.

Despite performing for some of the biggest personalities like the Royal Danish family and Bishop Desmond Tutu as well as on some of the biggest stages and carnivals in Europe, she has not yet been able to perform at home yet some of her songs are known at home and also played in clubs and on radio which has been appreciated by fans already.

Although she is officially a Danish Citizen (by registration), her heart and soul remains home where she was born and where her family and fans are. She is now working on her second album which she intends to release soon and to introduce to her people back home in Uganda which also features rapper The Mith on a song called ‘Kyoyagala’ and ‘Nishike’ featuring Banaba Classic from Tanzanian  with four songs so far others being ‘Once upon a time’ and reggae song ‘Mpola Mpola’. She plans to have a variety of genres in the album too and believes it is already good as it is.

She strokes a cool pose

“I sing about love, I sing about heart break, tragedy and a lot of things. I love to talk about freedom. I have a song called ‘We need the love’ which talks about change people need to not only talk about change, but act. I also have a song called ‘Mama Africa’ which is about uplifting and encouraging (especially women) to live a confident life of beauty with pride.” She said.

Joanita is also working on a project with Ali Alibhai of Talent Africa and will feature on a new album they are working on which will feature many other artistes. I am excited about it because when I contacted Ali about being part of the project, he gave me the opportunity.

She is now happily married to Daniel Zachariassen who comes from Faroe Islands (a colony of Denmark) and they have a son called Ivan Victor Zachariassen although she plans to come back home and embark on serious projects and also settle home.

Joanita says she also loves fashion and will soon embark on some projects for fashion and style.




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