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Desire Luzinda Distances Herself From Lwasa

A few days ago, pictures of Desire Luzinda chilling with Lwasa emerged on social media and tabloids and news websites were quick to point out that the ‘Kitone’ musician was dating the Masaka tycoon.

This went on for two days until Desire came out and said there is nothing intimate going on between them both only that they are just business partners.

The musician was furious with the rumour in that he involved other artistes like Irene Ntale who also took pictures with Emmanuel Lwasa, tagging both pictures with captions.

“When He takes the same kinda pic with another artist y’all don’t make noise but with me you start all kind of stories. This is a business partnership that you will never understand so take a sip of #johnniewalker and watch,” she posted on her social media.

Desire should however not make an alarm over this because all the past rumours regarding her relationship have at a later stage emerged to be true for instance, Seeya , the former mayor of Kampala and Juma Seiko to mention a few.

But that aside, we also understand that the bootylicious musician is one of the artistes to perform at Lwasa’s new club in Masaka called Tavern Kick night club  and in order to hype up the event, the rumours of them dating was started.


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