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Desire Luzinda Gets Backlash For Sharing Funny Chozen Becky’s Photo On Social Media

With her ‘Bankunza’ song being one of the biggest hits currently, singer Chosen Becky should be all over the place and making public appearances here and there but she is not the kind.

The new artiste on the block is reserved despite her talent. However, despite all that, it hasn’t stopped gossipers from mocking her over her nose.

The gossipers took it as far as social media to share memes about her nose which they claim is ‘big’ and singer Desire Luzinda is one of those who was caught up in this whole mess. She didn’t however mock Becky over her nose but she instead criticized those who were doing so.

Desire shared a screenshot of a Facebook post by an anonymous person which had a demeaning caption mocking Chozen’s nose.

What seemed like an attempt to hit at the social media users who were cyberbullying Chozen Becky later turned into a nightmare for her  as she was heavily criticized. Desire was blamed for sharing the photo as they claimed she did wrong to share it.

She therefore came out to defend herself

“The picture below is of Chosen Becky, a fast rising home artiste. She is an 18 year old who is trying to be somebody. Then you wonder at someone that chose to pick and capitalise on her God modelled ‘nose’ and put her down forgetting there will always be someone richer, someone prettier, someone who dresses better than the other and so is the world we live in, we cannot be the same. 
There’s absolutely no need to focus on such demeaning features to put someone down. People have lost self-esteem because of social media remarks, our brothers and sisters have lost their lives, their dreams, themselves… Name it.
Until you are a victim, you would never understand how this feels fatal. We do not have to wait to fall victims to rise or act.

What does it cost you to LOVE, to support one another, to mind your own business??
It starts with you in civil society organisations, academia, churches and political leadership to build on the ongoing conversation around cyber-bullying to make this world a better place,” reads part of Desire Luzinda’s post.

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