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Desire Luzinda Nude Pictures Stir Up Mixed Reactions

With the Desire Luzinda nude pictures spreading life a wildfire over the weekend, several people have shared their own views about what they thought of Desire Luzinda.


Comedian Salvado found the humor in it all as he said: ‘People complaining about Desires nude pics… Mschwwwwww do u know how long I’ve wanted to see her bwerere mschwwww Wama desire Ur the man… Besides she even supports FDC’

Others attacked the Nigerian boyfriend who leaked the pictures calling him immature, who shares private pictures with the public. ‘He’s trying to shame her, but instead he portrayed a high level of stupidity.’

A one Susan Nakimbugye said Desire should turn to God: Seek Wisdom ,my dear ,Wisdom from the sovereign Lord and its time for that self check, keep your head hign despite the set back.’

Several other people just passed judgement as they called all sorts of displeasing names, denouncing the sort of lifestyle she lives.

Last week, Desire Luzinda said: Helping someone is not a guarantee they will return the favor when in time of need. Be the friend in need knowing payment comes from God.’ We speculate that this message was meant for him. 

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