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Desire Luzinda To Perform In UK Convention, But Is She 25 Years Old?

Desire LUz

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda is set to perform at the UK Uganda Conventions After-Party on SSaturday 13th September at Troxy Arena, 490 Commercial Road London. She will be performing alongside Judith Babirye, Stabua Natooro and comedian Alex Muhangi.

However the topic that keeps dominating the news about her has nothing to do with her music, looks or upcoming concerts. It is rather a disturbing topic about her age. Desire who recently celebrated her 25th birthday ‘again’ has always appeared in the social and main stream media because of controversies surrounding her actual age.

Not that we care how old she actually is, but this topic has dominated debates for long with some of her fans questioning her real age and wondering why she can’t come clean as concerns allegations that she is 34 years.

She recently posted on her face book page that she was 25 and happy to celebrate this milestone again. “Am happy to make 25 again”. She posted on 25th August.

Her followers responded with sarcastic remarks and comments with ‘tongue in cheek’ posts applauding her for staying ‘forever young.’ A one Lorenzo Mwesigwa she is 33.

Your father just had interview with bukedde just a few weeks ago and said that u r 33 and u made 33 on may 21 this year. Omuntu alabye nobwenzi bwomuwala Ono. Anti abenzi tebaswala they can even undress in publicHe posted on her timeline.

And now a city Tabloid has released photographs of her supposedly taken while in Primary Five at the age of 13.The class mate in the photo confesses that she is 34 years old now and that makes Desire 34 too since they were same age at the time the photographs were taken.


Her birthday cake sent by a friend


Feeling good about herself

Desire who seems to celebrate her 25th birthday every year is not ready to discuss her true age and even while announcing her UK concert date made it clear;

“UK people r u ready for me? Ama be with u on the 13th of sept at the convention. Ask me anything but not my age #ekyosikidamu#” she said.

Meanwhile back to the music, the ‘equation’ singer has released a brand song ‘Tononya’ featuring Radio and Weasel. The Reggae tune is already playing on some Kampala FM stations.

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