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Desire Luzinda Seeks Protection From ‘Hungry’ Men Stalking Her

Desire Luzinda whose nude photos recently were leaked to the media by her estranged Nigerian ex boyfriend, reported to police to record a statement after she was summoned to explain the circumstances under which her nude photos went to the public domain.

Ever since the release off those photos, Desire has been in the media with the photos going viral. Even international media picked interest with BBC interviewing her about the photos and her battered image.

Fr. Simon Lokodo, the state minister for Ethics and Integrity, directed the Police to question Luzinda to establish her role in the scandal.


Desire with Franklin

However after a long ‘silence’, she finally made a public appearance to record a statement and a new twist to the whole drama was unleashed after she claimed that some horny men were after her. She claims some people have been stocking her ever since those photos leaked and now wants government to give her protection because her life ‘may be in danger’

She was in company of her two lawyers Isaac Semakadde and Shiela Namahe  when she reported to police. She is also seeking for justice against Franklin her Nigerian boyfriend behind the confusion.

There are also reports that Kampala tycoons have been lining up with big offers to Desire Luzinda to have her although she did not confirm the reports. However one thing is clear for sure, some hungry men want to have a piece of the curvy diva by hook or crook.

Although she apologised to her friends, family and fans, and explained that her boyfriend is behind the leaking of the photos, there is debate now raging on whether she actually leaked the photos herself to gain popularity after releasing a new song which she is now aggressively promoting.

Police is now hunting for Franklin who may be charged with many counts relating to the anti Pornography act as well as forging documents and changing identity


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