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Desire Luzinda Unleashes Fresh Nudes

During the last quarter of the year 2014, Singer Desire Luzinda broke the internet when her then Nigerian boyfriend leaked her nude pictures and a sex video of them over a disagreement and if you remember so well, it was the talk around town for quite some time but in a way, the nudes ‘brought her back’ on entertainment scene basing on the fact that she was almost forgotten.

Just as we thought that she had gotten over that, the latest we have on our desk is that the ‘Kitone’ singer ‘released fresh nude photos’ of her and they are already trending on social media.

One of the photos shows her posing pant less in a dressing mirror clad in a white bathrobe and the other shows only her thighs in a bath tab. Although we are not sure of the social media platform where she uploaded the photos, there is a possibility that she could have deleted them shortly after uploading them on her Instagram account but stalkers were first to get the photos which are trending in different WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms.

It should be noted that, whatever, Desire’s intentions are, it is clear that these acts are against the laws of the country and Chano8 condemns any such acts in the strongest terms possible and does not promote nudity in any form.


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