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Desire Luzinda’s Ekitone Taking Her Places

Desire Luzinda‘s Ekitone taking her places as she just touched down in Congo Brazzaville. Yesterday the singer who was on board Ethiopian airways shared a few pictures and captioned them.

‘Touch down congo BRAZZAVILLE. Music touches the soul no matter the language. Doors opening wider each day.’

Desire Luzinda on board Ethiopian Airlines

Desire Luzinda on board Ethiopian Airlines

We are not yet sure what she meant by that statement but one thing we are certain is that she has a track called “Ekitone” that she released a week after her famous V-pose pictures that went viral allover social media.

This is going to be the first time in over Seven months that Desire has flown out of the country for a musical performance.

With the saga of State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo claiming that they had arrested Frank who later released a video clip denying the allegations still in progress, Desire was appreciated by the minister for cooperating well in the investigations regarding this matter and therefore had no case to answer hence her freedom to travel wherever she wants.


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