Despite Her Age, PJ Powers Proves She Still Got It

PJ Powers is 57 years old but what she displayed last Friday evening the 30th of June might suggest she is still in her early 30’s as she performed for hundreds at Kampala Serena Hotel during the Jabulani charity concert.

Radio and Weasel were the first to perform and it was really a hard decision because they were also announced to perform at Chameleone’s ‘Legend Hit After Hit’ concert at Cricket Oval. But they did everyone that attended the Jabulani concert justice by performing over five songs that included ‘Bread And Butter’ then following it up with ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Kuku’ breath away among others.

Radio and Weasel performing

As the crowd thought they were done, the duo returned with PJ Powers at 9.45 PM and together they performed their collabo titled ‘Home To Africa’. Dressed in white sneakers, green jeggings and an animal print cape, she took Radio to a dance school with her rare strokes.

After the song, she then embarked on her own such as ‘I See You In Soweto’, ‘There Is An Answer’ and ‘Destiny’ among others. Meanwhile she was engaging the crowd to sing with her. Some clapped along, others joined in the singing while others abandoned their seats and danced to her songs.

PJ Powers showcased what she got

However, the concert was prematurely ended. After performing for 45 minutes, PJ Powers left the stage and the crowd remained seated thinking that maybe she would be coming back for a second session. She didn’t and after like ten minutes, the emcee Flavia Tumusiime announced that the event had come to an end at 10.45pm.

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