Development Channel To Support 1 Million Children In Child Care Support

Development Channel a company modeled around compassionate capitalism is at the forefront of an economic war launched to transform Uganda and Africa into a first world economy.

Mr Charles Lambart the Chairman while speaking to journalists and invited guests on Thursday at Silversprings Hotel explained that, Africa is lagging behind in the global economic warfare and in fact even plunging more and deeper into poverty as her counterparts move the opposite direction.

He went ahead added that Africa needs to wake up and therefore engage the rest of the world in this economic war to transform the continent and catch up with the rest of the Western economies as well as China and Brazil the new big boys in the game.

Mr Charles Lambart the Chairman Developement Channel speaking about the Child Care support.

He then decided to take them on by starting an aggressive economic warfare to empower African under Development Channel which is now underway.

In the first phase of the economic warfare dubbed ‘AFRICA FIRST’, the company has introduced mobile devices and pads which will operate under the DC 25 concept where 25 companies inform of Apps to drive the ICT for all campaign and in turn the companies will be promoted and profits accrued, trickle down to even those who purchase (or invest) in the mobile devices.

Some of the global companies or applications deal in Real estate, Legal consultancy, Health, Education, Automobile, Agriculture, Security, Tour and Travel among others.

Some of the team members of the company cheering up the Chairman

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In addition to the already running projects, he unveiled yet another project yesterday at their ‘Twin Towers’ Bukoto offices called the African Child Poverty Alleviator in which the company intends to support one million children in Uganda through child care support which other developed countries are already fully engaged in.

The campaign intended to end child poverty will see a million children supported through education, health and food aid till they attain the age of 21 by contributing only 20$ every month, per child.

As usual the project was dedicated to God through prayers and worship

He said while Uganda has the highest number of desperate single, mothers, there is no Child Support system in Uganda or Africa to help such mothers raise their children which is not the case with American, Europe and Asian economies.

With already 350 jobs created and an additional 5000 next week, the company plans to expand these figures to 50000 in the coming months at their warehouse in Kitintale where computer tablets will be assembled and later manufactured.

Government has also secured land for the company to shift its operations to a more spacious place.



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