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Diamond Platnumz’s Side Chick Unveils Photos Of New Bundle Of Joy

At first it was in the news like a rumour that one of Tanzania’s top models and video vixens Hamisa Mobetto was carrying singer Diamond Platnumz baby until a few months ago when she gave birth a thing that got Platnumz publicly disclosing that he was responsible for the pregnancy thus the child being his.

Diamond’s admission that the baby boy named Abdul Latif Naseeb is his did not leave his wife Zari silent although she for some reason played it cool going by what she posted on social media. Mobetto successfully gave birth on 7th August but from that time, the baby’s photos had not yet made their way on to social media until recently when Hamisa shared them on her different social media platforms.

It should however be noted that as much as Zari claimed there was nothing wrong with Diamond having a child with Mobette outside their marriage, Mobette still took it further by hitting at Zari by calling her a grandmother who should not compete with young girls.

“You should try to deal with your man next time and by the way your action was crazy, Oh now you know she has access to your bedroom What a shame? If he respects you enough he would never do sh*t on the same bed you make your babies…PS:Come down Granny act your age n keep in mind you cant compete with a freshy.” Mobetto posted on social media

We shall not deep into the Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto’s beef over Diamond Platnumz but here are the amazing photos of Mobetto’s son with Platnumz

Addul Naseeb

One of Mobette’s relatives smiling at the baby


Mobette while still pregnant


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