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Did A Pass Inspire Zuena’s New Hairstyle?

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A few days after releasing hit song ‘Didadada’, Dancehall artiste A Pass did what he had done before in the year 2015 of going blonde although some critics said he did to just promote the song ‘Didadada’ as well as his upcoming Album dubbed ‘African Yayo’

Anyway, having spent a couple of weeks rocking the blonde hairstyle, late last week, Zuena Kirema, wife to one of Uganda’s music big wigs Bebe Cool also went blonde a thing that caused social media uproar especially after photos of her stunning in the new hairdo made their way on social media

According to the photos, Zuena’s new hairstyle slightly looks like A Pass’ but social media users and bloggers were too fast to rule out that Zuena had derived her inspiration to go blonde as well from A Pass

As a matter of fact, someone who runs a fake A Pass Facebook page uploaded a photo-collage of A Pass and Zuena and captioned it “I don’t only write songs for this family naye nenviiri bakoppa zange” a thing that created more public talk.

However, a while ago, A Pass came out to put a disclaimer saying that that was not his Facebook Page to clear the hair.

“Whoever took time to create this post and edit it to make it look like I posted it should stop, learn to respect people guys…. This is crossing the line #DontMixMeUp and don’t disrespect my brothers family. My page name is in capital letters A PASSA Pass disclaimed

Whether Zuena was inspired by A Pass to go blonde or not, it does not matter basing on the fact that going blonde is something that has been there for ages and A Pass is not the first Ugandan nor is he the last one to go blonde. However, we take this platform to compliment Zuena for this new and stunning look.

A Pass cleared the air about that Fake Facebook page which had words saying Zuena copied his hairstyle

Here is the fake A Pass page that calimed that Zuena had copied A Pass’ hairdo


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