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Did Bebe Cool Fear Bottle Throwers At Gravity Omutujju’s Concert?

At least we all know what happened to  artiste Bebe Cool as he was performing at the Swangz All Star concert. He faced it rough after angry ‘People Power’ fans threw empty bottles at him all because of his silence on the alleged brutal treatment and imprisonment of fellow artiste Bobi Wine those days.

Following that incident which Bebe said wasn’t called for, he put a halt on public performances which made the bottle throwers brag how they had taught him a lesson. However, on Saturday he broke his own rule when he took his social media platforms and announced how he was going to perform at Gravity Omutujju’s ‘Embuzi Zakutudde’ concert that took place at Lugogo Cricket Oval last Saturday.

“YOUNG,confident and energetic hard-core Gravity Omutujju today at Lugogo cricket oval. Let’s all support. I will be there.” Bebe Cool wrote on his social media platforms before daring the bottle throwers to come with the whole tan of them.

However, even after warning that he was ready for the bottle throwers, Bebe Cool did not show up because of his meeting with president Museveni “Oooh congz my young brother Gravity, sorry i missed the performance coz i had an urgent/important meeting with JAJJA of the nation.”

Bebe Cool missed to perform at Gravity Omutujju’s concert

However, some social media users say that those are kiddish explanations claiming that he did not show up for Gravity’s concert because of fear of being thrown empty bottles at again

According to our snoops who were in attendance at the concert, some revellers were spotted in the crowd keeping empty bottles ready to show Bebe more fire but they were left disappointed.

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