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The Difference Between Men And Women Valentine’s Day Expectations

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, we all have an idea of what we expect on Valentine’s Day. We hate to admit it, but our expectations are usually 5,000 miles from the reality of how V-Day goes down. Just because we drop hints doesn’t mean our guys pick them up…


Girl: He’s going to jump out of bed and get started on his huge plans for the day. He can hardly wait for you to get out of class because he has been planning this for months.
Boy: I wonder if she minds if we just skip the stupid holiday, Maybe if I act like I care she will do that thing she only does on my birthdays. I just might get bonus boyfriend points.
Girl: I am sure when I ask him what his plans for the day are he will pretend to not know what I mean, play coy. Yet he has a mind blowing evening planned.
Boy: I absolutely have no idea of what am going to do. By afternoon hopefully something should have come to mind if not flowers will do.
Girl: As I walk out for class, he will whisper something sweet and flirty in my ear and send me super romantic messages all day.
Boy: whispers “Have a good day love” and texts ‘what should I pick up on my way over?’

Girls: He will spend all day dropping hints about the amazing night he has planned, a lot of selfies of him cleaning the house, chopping or even the shower getting ready just to get you excited about the night ahead. I can’t wait to show my friends what a great boyfriend he is.
Boy: I will turn the sexy up by sending a picture of my junk.
Girls: He’ll be waiting for me when you get home from class with his apartment completely covered in balloons and rose petals. Oh, he is so damn cute!
Boy: I will just lie here on the couch watching animal planet till she gets home then she will let me know what she wants us to do.

Girl: I told him not to get you flowers, but he’s not stupid. He’ll totally get creative and get me some that are unique and out of the ordinary, but so thoughtful. Maybe daisies that are identical to the ones he picked for you on your first date…
Boy: since she doesn’t want flowers that is cool will just get her a bottle of wine maybe broccoli for flowers will be funny too.
Girl: Oh, and just think of the dinner he’s going to make me! Who needs to go out for some overpriced lobster meal when my man is so great (and not to mention sexy) in the kitchen?
Boy: I should enjoy today too, why am I slaving away in the kitchen? We will just go out let someone else make the meal.

Girl: Then he says he has something totally crazy planned. He’s probably going to take me to that kyobe lodges or that amazing Mongolian place I begged him to take you to on my birthday. He’s so cute, remembering stuff like that.
Boy: I just downloaded the recent episodes of American horror and blacklist. I can’t wait for us to watch it tonight. It was just released it 4 hours ago. Am so psyched!!!
Girl: I can’t wait to get home later, because he totally got me that diamond necklace you’ve been eyeing for months. He probably even got it back in October because he wanted to make sure he had the perfect gift in advance. He’s so sweet.
Boy: I will pick up something reasonable on the way home. I bet she will be surprised.
Girl: And after a super romantic night he will insist we stay up all night, talking and laughing about the most random things: “Do you remember how we first met? Or the first thing I said to you? I remember it like it was yesterday.” What a perfect end to a perfect Valentine’s Day.
Boy: Babe, can we just sleep. It’s been a long day. Let’s chat tomorrow!


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