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Discover The Captivating Personality Behind The Incomparable Dance Hall Queen; Sheebah Karungi

Born in 1989 to a Rwandese father and Munyankole mother, Sheebah Karungi is a Ugandan singer, recording artist and dancer. She was formerly with Obsessions, a dance group she joined in 2007, after a few years of working with this famous group she left the group to pursue her solo career. However she came to fame after releasing her single hit titled “Ice Cream” with energetic beats, creative lyrics and the video has right colors, great lights and setting, fine dance moves, the song is  mind-blowing overall. But that was just the beginning for this power house.

We have grown to love and enjoy the adorable queen of ‘Team No Sleep’ because of her courage and the fire she brings on stage during her performances and videos. Courage is however not a new concept to this Stage Slayer. Sheebah joined Obsessions at a young age of 18 and when things didn’t feel to be working out for her she was courageous enough to quit to be on her own where she has excelled tremendously.


She then launched the fashion house and she opened up a shop called ‘Sheeebah’s Boutique before she finally got swallowed up by her vibrant music career. She released her first song in 2010 called ‘Kunyenyenza’ written by Cindy and produced by Washington which unfortunately did not receive the desired air play. But this did not deter the stunning diva from chasing her dreams and seeing them blossom as she later released ‘Bulikyekola’ ft KS Alpha.

It was then followed by ‘Baliwa’ written by Tickie-Tah and produced by Blue Prints. She later released her single ‘Automatic’ ft Sizza Man and Sindika Njake written by Don MC and since then, success has been her portion which she has exploited brilliantly. Today Sheebah is a gigantic super active volcano erupting with powerful jams to electrify her billions of fans in Uganda and beyond.


The songster has done collaborations with quite a number of very talented artists in all over East Africa including Pallaso Mayanja, The Late AK47 Mayanja, Ykee Benda, Daxx Kartel etc. This year 2016 the sexy diva still managed to send her fans wild with the ‘Nkwantako’ album. Today every radio station is on fire with the ‘Farmer’ where she is featuring Ykee Benda the new exceptionally talented new guy on the block.

She has had several awards of recognition including best female artist of the year 2015 in HiPipo Awards, Best female artist of the year 2016 in the Zzina Awards, Best Afropop song in 2015 HiPipo Awards, Best Female artist 2015 Uganda Entertainment Awards among many others. Believe me you we are yet to see the best of Sheebah, what we have seen is just the beginning. Next year watch out for this incomparable dance hall queen.


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