Disun Future’s ‘Mama Africa’ Video Encourages African Unification

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For 5 five years now, Reggae artiste Disun Future has been one of those raising the Ugandan flag high when it comes to Reggae Music. Proclaiming himself as the ‘The Breath of Reggae’, Disun has had a good reception home and abroad Germany in particular, basing on the fact that he has a dual citizenship in both countries.

Last year, he release a tune dubbed ‘Mama Africa’ which is a patriotic song produced by a producer called Sport that calls upon Africans to be strong, observe their culture and most importantly live together in unity and love as they advocate for the unification of Africa which he says will come one day in some of the lines in the song’s lyrics.

Having spent a couple of months without a video, Disun finally released the video a few days ago a thing that has added more mileage to this tune.

The Video

Shot by Virtual Media and directed by Zyga Phix, the 4 minutes and 13 second video starts with a short extract from one of the late Bob Marley’s video interviews talking about the unification of Africa before the real video that showcases part Uganda’s beauties like the water falls, rivers, mountains among others starts.

Singing about ‘Mama Africa’, Disun is dressed in an African print costume (Kitenge) which adds more meaning to the subject he is singing about and it is not just this alone. We also see things like what looks like poor families living in grass thatched houses but living together as family and doing house works like sweeping the dusty compound and winnowing.

Still about the unification of Africa, the video shows children standing while holding their hands in a shape of the map of Africa which symbolises the need for African unity Disun sings about in the song. One thing that stands out throughout the video is how Disun represents for his country Uganda to the fullest through the various scenes of him waving the Ugandan Flag.    


Just like any other Reggae songs’ videos, this video is natural and simple and a round of applause goes to the video director who pulls out the real natural set up for example the drummer using sugar cane as drumming sticks  

Watch the video here

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