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Diva style: Pherrie Kim Lubs Exudes Elegance And Class

Due to public demand, we are going to run this weekly feature where chano8 fixates on a celebrity whose style blows us away. Our very first is truly a vision of elegance. Pherrie Kim Lubs might have been raised in Kenya and worked with Kampala’s hottest clubs but her fashion style screams ‘royalty’. She is classy and leaves girls wishing they had her closet and men wishing she was single.

She is very classy when she steps out of her home, hangs out with the girls or even just hanging with her man. Her accessories are simple. She is always seen with a bag/purse, a pair of big sunglasses, a hat or a kaftan and minimal jewellery.


Her favorite shades are black and white and she is not afraid to mix up hues and patterns. She loves skirts, just like any other girl, Pherrie is big on shoes and friends too who portrays the look of a woman to be taken seriously and admired.

IMG_20160616_154727_646 IMG_20160616_154749_091

We bet Pherrie a publicist and city socialite doesn’t shop back home since she lives mainly in the UK, but her style can be replicated anywhere. She reminds us of Tv show character Olivia Pope’s style in Scandal.


Lesson: You can look like a million dollars without showing too much skin.

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