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Dj Aludah Cries To Bebe Cool For Another iPhone After One He Bought Him Got Damaged

  • Top city Dj Aludah Cried to Bebe Cool to buy him another iPhone after the one he bought him in 2018 got damaged

When the iPhone X was trending and getting gadget freaks and slay queens crazy, Local Dj Aludah was the among the first Ugandans to own one which came like a gift  from Veteran singer musician Bebe Cool for promoting his music

After slaying with the iPhone X since February 2018, it unfortunately broke beyond repair a few days ago and from the look of things, he is in need of a new iPhone from the ‘Wire Wire’ singer

Over the weekend he took to his official Twitter account and shared a photo of the broken iPhone X and captioned it  “My Brother Bebe Cool Iphone 11max tukoze tutya”

Aludah’s humble request via Twitter to Bebe Cool to buy him the new iPhone 11 Max received funny comments as some Tweeps mocked him for turning into a beggar where as some were in support of his request to Bebe

“We have to help heart patients. Aludah turn to Techno” One Twitter user said. “It’s time to play wire wire in every bar till the iPhone gets replaced.” Another said

Another Tweep who is in support of Aluda said “You really deserve one for sure”

By the time we went to press, there was no communication from Bebe Cool which got us thinking that the two could have talked about privately.




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