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Dj Bank Robber Launches Mixtape

Last Saturday, Dj Bank Robber launched his I Am The Bank Robber mixtape at Club Gabiro. This was his first solo event and it turned out massive for him. The mixtape is like the music album for Djs and it really means alot to launch one.

DSC_7715 (Custom)

Dj Bank Robber spinning the decks

Dj Bank Robber is signed to the renowned House Of Djs which takes care of his bookings, and lots of other things. They have done it so well and have executed the task of branding this talented Dj having him play on several Blankets and Wine editions and events like Back To School which took place at Zone 7 in January this year.

DSC_7657 (Custom)

Salem of Trendz Lounge and Selector Jay were in the house

The mixtape was launched at midnight and this saw revelers purchasing several copies to listen to at a fee of 10,000/= and Dj Bank Robber T Shirts at 20,000/=. Several Djs showed up at the event to show support including Selector Jay of Guvnor. The club was at full capacity by 2:00pm and the party went on till late.

DSC_7662 (Custom)

A fan buys a mixtape

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