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Dj Ciza BBQ House Party Confirms Venue

Lots of Djs are now using their skills elsewhere and not sticking to working in bars, nightclubs and at events. Several Djs are holding their own events now and Dj Ciza has joined the band too. He is organizing a Barbeque house party called Dj Ciza BBQ House Party.

This event is to take place on 21st November this year and it is organized by CiPulse Entertainment. There will be lots of food, drinks and nice music from Dj Ciza. This is the 2nd edition of the event and is surely going to be bigger and better than the first edition which happened last year.


Are You Ready For This!!!!!!!

The venue has been confirmed as Terracota Bar & Grill in Bukoto. Tickets are 30K and come with 2 beers and ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ!! This is to be the biggest barbeque party of the year with Dj Ciza and several other Djz taking on the turntables to play the year’s hottest tracks.

Dj Ciza

As we come closer to the Christmas holiday, lots of concerts, parties and events are popping up on our calendars. This leaves us with lots of questions. Should we turn up for all of them? Probably not. Should we select the best and approve them for attendance as chano8? Of course. Chano8 is doing exactly that right now. The Dj Ciza BBQ House Party is not to be missed at any cost.

Chano8 will bring you more details about this event and many more.  The user friendly Chano8 app is available for free download on Google Play Store. Download to stand a chance to win free tickets to this event.


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