Dj Diplo Inspires Roja And Slick Stuart To Move Their Show To Golf Course

Photos By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Dj Diplo has the record of filling Golf Course Hotel to the maximum the last time he came to Uganda. For a deejay to have such an audience was simply unbelievable and mainly because he was known by a few people before his performance.

He put up a splendid show that up to now, some refer to it as the best event last year. This buzz might have got to deejays Roja and Slick Stuart who have also decided to take their mix tape party to the same venue.

“If Diplo can do it, why can’t we,” Roja said before he added that Diplo managed to fill the venue yet few people knew him yet they have been around, won awards, play for the biggest Radio (KFM) and TV (NBS) and featured on some of the biggest Ugandan events.

The duo will be having their mix tape party next month of the 24th for Ug Shs 20k.

Dj Roja and Slick Start performing somewhere  

 This is going to be their 4th annual party with the last two editions held at Laftaz swimming pool where the events sold out. They had the first mix tape party at Venom beach bar and it was also a sell-out.

Roja and Slick Stuart are the first Ugandan deejays to have won a Nigerian Entertainment deejay award and back home, they have Buzz deejay awards, Ug Mix deejay award and Hipipo awards.


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