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Dj Roja Appears On TV In Boxers As Comedian Alex Muhangi Wears Wife’s Dress After Losing Bet

Do you remember a few months ago when NTV’s Andrew Kabuura hosted the “Press Box” show wearing a dress? He was honouring the bet of the FA Cup semifinal match between his club Manchester United and Chelsea, which he lost, after ‘The Blues’ beat the ‘Red Devils’ 3:1. 

The same thing happened to “NBS After 5” show’s Dj Roja and comedian Alex Muhangi who also lost a bet of  last Sunday’s  football match between Manchester United (the club they support) and rivals Arsenal.

Hours before the match, Roja, through his official 109.5K Twitter account sent a tweet reading “If Arsenal beats Man U …tomor I will do After 5 in a boxer and high heels”.

Muhangi, also through his socials said that he was going to spend a day wearing one of his wife’s dresses if Arsenal beats Man U

“If Arsenal beats Man United today, the whole of tomorrow, I know it’s nomination day, I will be putting on a dress, madam’s dress”-Said Muhangi

With all the confidence that their Manchester based club would bring a smile on their faces by humiliating their rivals and also save them  from having to wear things they have never worn before, unfortunately it lost, meaning that the pair, with no excuse and failure had to respect the bet rules which they set themselves.

On Monday, photos of Dj Roja wearing high heels and a pair of boxers were first shared by his co-host Douglas Lwanga where as Alex Muhangi shared short video clip of himself clad in a brown long-sleeved dress.

Meanwhile, from the time their photos and video made their way online, they have been one of the hot topics of of discussion on social media.

“You should hv worn a red sexy dress so that we see the hips lol” one of the Twitter users joked under Alex Muhangi’s video. “Thanks for being a man of ur word , leave that embarrassing team” Another one commented on photos of Roja in high heels.

Watch Alex Muhangi wearing wife’s dress after losing bet

Embarrassed Dj Roja clad in boxers and high heels on live TV after losing bet


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