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DJ Roja And SlickStuart Offered ‘Juicier Deal’ To Join Capital Radio

Truth is they are apparently the best deejays in Uganda lately after winning a number of awards including the first Nigerian music award deejay accolade a few weeks back. Roja and SlickStuart are steadily becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to turntables and this has called for more companies to be affiliated with them.

Before their Mixtape 3rd party, KFM had taken them on to be part of the superstar Friday on contract basis and the company helped in pushing their event but the latest we are getting is that the two deejays have been approached by Capital Fm in a deal that might see them get double what they have been receiving at KFM.


DJs SlickStuart and Roja have become a hot item in the music and entertainment scene

According to our source, the two are willing to take up the offer only if the Namuwongo-based KFM refuses to increase their salaries. “The deal that they are getting at capital is juicier. Their salaries are going to be doubled if they put pen to paper but because they owe KFM a lot, they first want to talk to management before agreeing to the new deal.” The source said.

Deejays Roja and SlickStuart have been working at monitor close to a year now and play in turns during the superstar Fridays. Besides that, they also play in different places like Cayenne and Laftaz among others.

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