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Dj Roja Speaks Out On The Upcoming Mixtape Party

Our reporter caught up with the ‘Turntable Assassin’ Dj Roja at Laftaz Comedy Lounge for a quick interview about the upcoming Mix-tape Party which is to take place at Laftaz Swimming Pool on 19th this month.

Chano8: Tell me about the Slick Stuart and Roja Connection

DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja  are two deejays who decided to come together to create a DJ duo. I was an urban Dj by the alias Turntable Assassin and I was playing in Club Rouge and DJ Slick Stuart was an events deejay who was also doing extended mixes and music promotion. We linked up last year at Mix-tape party we organized and realized that two Djs can actually come together and do something good that others can try to emulate.

Chano8: Do you both play at the same time or you divide tasks while mixing?

We both play at the same time and he guides me while I also guide him. Basically two heads are better than one. I can select for him a song and he can also select for me a song too.

Chano8: Deejays have strengths in certain genres. What is yours?

I am a versatile person. I can play any music from any genre though there is some music I don’t like for example Latino music which I wouldn’t play on any day. Slick Stuart is versatile too with music but he is also very good at making extended mixes because he started as a music promoter.

Chano8: So many sectors of the entertainment industry of Uganda are rising very fast now like comedy, deejaying, live bands, club theme nights and many more. What do you think is changing in the industry?

People in Uganda have opened their minds and are now perceiving things in a different format compared to the times when the industry was monopolized by mainstream musicians. I have organized a Mix-tape party with Dj Slick Stuart and I am going to be giving out free t-shirts, mix tapes and many other goodies. The entertainment industry now has a lot of innovative people and with this I can say that the industry is growing at a very fast rate right now.


Getting ready: DJ Roja

Chano8: You won an award recently at the Uganda Entertainment Awards. What did this victory inspire in you?

In any competition, whether big or small, everyone wants to emerge as a winner. I won these awards because my team of Legal Entertainment and my fans (Team Roja) were very determined to vote for me from day one. This award gave me more mileage and motivation to work harder.

Chano8: How have you maintained your connection with Dj Slick Stuart?

Slick Stuart knows my weaknesses and I know his so we decide what to do. This has helped us co-ordinate and stay in a good working relationship.

Chano8: Tell us about your upcoming Mix-tape party and what to expect.

The Mix-tape party is an annual Dj event organized by DJ Slick Stuart and Roja It was at Club Venom but this year it is set to take place at Laftaz Swimming Pool in Centenary Park. It’s an urban bar-beach experience. It’s actually a beach in the city setting for a Mix-tape launch where every guest is to be given a free mix-tape. The event will take place on 19th September 2015 and entrance is 10,000/= for ordinary and 20,000/= for VIP. There are VIP tables available for booking at 200,000/= and 500,000/=. I urge you all to come witness the hottest party this year. We have a lot in store for the Mix-tape Party 2015 Edition. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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