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DJ Shiru: Am More Than Just A DJ

DJ Shiru who is commonly known for his prowess when it comes to the turntable, says he gives all the credit to Dj Rotter for helping master the skill.

In an interview with Chano8, Shiru said that Dj’s used to produce a bunch of tracks in the past, but wouldn’t be given the credit just like how it is in the states where Dj Khaled, and Drama have redefined the game.

Currently he is working on new projects for his new album and will soon record the first track ‘Party time’ that will feature several artistes like A Pass, Eddy Kenzo, Mun G, Nutty Neithan, Ziza Bafana, King Saha and Jackie who will be in the chorus.

The DJ also emphasized that when he is picking artists to feature on his song, he doesn’t choose one because they are his friend but rather the right people who will suit the track.

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