Dj Shiru And Mbarara-Based Upcoming Artiste Rasta Dog Show Off Dance Skills In New Video

When it comes to giving local upcoming, fast rising and established artistes a platform to exhibit their talents, self-proclaimed “+256 Spin Master” disk jokey Shiru has truly done so.

It seems like he is not about to stop giving them the platform and his collaborations with some artistes like Jose, Chameleone, Sumi Crazy, Crysto Panda, Black Skin, Hellen Lukoma among others, are a perfect example.

The latest upcoming artiste Shiru did a collabo with is Mbarara City based Rasta Dog Uganda who is a rapper that broke onto the music scene last year with his hilarious lyrics that took Western Uganda by storm, leading him into starting a music career that nobody expected.

On his quest to cement a place among the top Mbarara based artistes, his collabo with the veteran Dj and producer could see him make it big, basing on the fact that the song already has a video with both of them in it.

Titled Inama which is Runyankore dialect for bend, it was produced by Mbarara based Alpha Music Records’  J Kayz and the video was shot and directed by Titus Tizzie of Volts Films in Kijungu, Mbarara.

“Inama” which is off Dj Shiru’s 2021 Album dubbed “Yes We Can” is basically a party song where Rasta Dong sings about a dance move called “Inama” (bend). He hypes this dance move as a new one from the city and says is easy to pull off as well.

Its 3 minutes and 12 seconds’ music video stars 24/7 Dance Crew and Ice Breakers dancers showing the viewer some energetic “Inama” dance moves in a slummy looking like place (Kijungu Mbarara).

Shiru and Rasta Dog too are in some scenes shown pulling off some dance moves although it is the dancers who are seen doing most of dancing with a crowd on onlookers who are seen in the background staring at them

Watch the video here

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