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Do Artistes Have To Write Their Own Lyrics? Irene Ntale Breaks It Down

In this day and era, the beef between artistes or artistes and song writers doesn’t come from far. When US rapper Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his own lyrics it turned into a blood bath of diss tracks and so forth, but one can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with someone writing lyrics for you, there plenty of artistes who have seen their careers skyrocket yet they have never written a single line for themselves.

Bringing it back home, Chano8 recently interacted with Irene Ntale just to get her thoughts on the whole situation and this what she had to say,

My own view as Irene Ntale is I think the art industry is big. In the industry, we have artistes who sing and then we have writers, videographers, photographers, so it’s just a big fraternity if I may call it that. So it’s ok, if you can be talented, you can have the voice, but you can’t write yourself material, so if you can’t write and someone else can write for you a hit song then it’s ok.

Do artistes have to write there own lyrics. Irene  Ntale breaks it down

Do artistes have to write there own lyrics. Irene Ntale breaks it down

She further goes on to say,

If you write and sing, then you more talented than me who can’t write but can sing, no. If you look at people like Whitney Houston (the late) she didn’t write any song but she’s a legend. She always sung material that was written for her. So I don’t think it’s a big issue, I doubt.

Irene Ntale is currently promoting her new soulful Teliyo song.

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