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Do Music Promoters Exploit Artistes? NTV’s Rwamiti Breaks It Down

In this edition of Ask Rwamiti, the NTV host discusses the issue of music promoters taking advantage of artistes.

Promoters and managers are supposed to work for artistes or at least work with artistes but most come up with intentions of exploiting the artistes instead. They usually portray themselves as saviors when their real intention is to exploit the artists.

These promoters should respect the artistes as partners and not exploit them. However, most of these promoters know that the artistes are broke and desperate and then come with offers to confuse and bribe them to take advantage of their situation. And because most artistes do not understand things to do with contracts, they fall prey to the so called music promoters.

Rwamiti dissapointed in most music promoters.

Rwamiti dissapointed in most music promoters.

Rwamiti further goes on to tell Chano8 that the international promoters are even worse. They are actually not real promoters, but gamblers looking for money and survival apart from a guy called Melo from Sweden who is a bit more professional. The others are after money and corn the artistes after convincing them that they are taking them abroad for concerts and tours only to end up in funny places.

They accommodate them in their homes instead of booking them in decent hotels and take them to perform in funny small places and pubs with no clear programs and then pay them little money in the end.

Take for instance the Anne Kansiime’s incidence which happened in South Africa, where there was poor organization for an event which happened to attract many people only to be messed up by poor sound, stage disorganization and the element of money not being paid on time to the performers of the day all courtesy of the promoter who wanted to also be the MC, sound engineer and gate keeper all at the same time.

Read more in the Chano8 July issue here.

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