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Do not Be Poisoned By Negative People – A Pass

Dancehall artiste A Pass recently came out and advised his fans against hanging with the wrong company.

The singer who also refers to himself as a teacher, shared an inspiration message with his fans saying,

“My precious life is a gift and I believe I am blessed, so I will always surround myself with loving and positive people not troublemakers. If you are surrounded with drama, gossip and fools consider yourself at risk of becoming one of them,” he said.

A Pass interacts with fans

A Pass interacts with his fans

He further went on to advise against hanging with the wrong crowd,

‘Don’t be exposed to such people because they will poison your life because misery loves good company. Do not be poisoned by negative people just leave their presence.
Being alone is much better than being surrounded by negative people out of loneliness and desperation. Get rid of toxic people and see how your life wil.’

A Pass is one artiste who has seen his career further skyrocekt this year, thanks to his resilience and hard work which has seen him produce more songs like Gamululu, Memories and wuuyo among others.

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