“Do Not Borrow Huge Sums Of Money For Weddings” – Dr Maggie Kigozi To Youth

Dr. Maggie Kigozi has urged young people to stay true to themselves and stop wanting to leave someone else’s life.

Speaking at the launch of Cosmopolitan Weddings Magazine Dr. Maggie said it is not right for young people to borrow huge sums of money just to finance weddings.

“It is a very popular practice in Uganda where people borrow money in order to hold huge weddings and then they are stuck with loans, if you have the money, well and good, go have a good wedding but don’t borrow just to copy those who have and want to make it look glamorous.

It doesn’t have to be a posh wedding, you can have a simple but successful one such as mass weddings Pastor Kayanja and others and that will be really good and balanced because of the fact that you are still married,” she explained.

Dr.Maggie Kigozi holding a magazine with Revival Kemigisha as other guests tag along for a photo moment.

She commended young people most especially girls who have stood firm and decided to open up businesses citing an example of one Revival Kemigisha, founder of Cosmopolitan weddings magazine, a thing she said ought to be emulated by other young people instead of wanting to be wealthy while doing absolutely nothing.

“The World has indeed changed, when we were young, jobs were waiting for us when we were still in Makerere University and one could be sure of a job after graduation. And now it is different, Universities are many, graduating thousands of young people but unfortunately there are no jobs for these young people.

I encourage such hustles like this where young people think, innovate and come up with such great ideas and skills to be job creators rather than job seekers.”

Dr. Kigozi added thus, “Many businesses never used to happen during our tender age but young people now have many opportunities to do many businesses.

She further cautioned young people to avoid going for aged women and men just because of riches but rather go for their age mates if they are to enjoy their marriages.

“Who you are looking to marry matters, you should look for your age mate 10 years older than you but not beyond because you will not have many things in common apart from their riches and definitely, don’t look at somebody’s husband or wife because you will be disrupting a family. Let’s not spoil weddings, weddings are pretty really nice,” she concluded.

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