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Do Ugandan Celebrities Really Have A Back Up Plan… Chano8 Investigates

Death, they say, is an equalizer. Whereas celebrated musicians create a feeling that they live a champagne lifestyle with a steady income flow, death lays them bare.

How could someone who made millions die a pauper? The public often asks. It happened with the deaths of Paul Job Kafeero, Fred Maiso, Martin Angume and comedian Paddy Ssali (Bitama) among others.

In such times of grief, the music fraternity as always come out to show solidarity by contributing money. In some cases, as in the case of AK 47, millions were realized. The moneys were channelled towards completing his incomplete house in Seguku.

Maurice Kirya at his Sound Cup restaurant.

Maurice Kirya at his Sound Cup restaurant.

However, a million dollar question looms: Do your celebrities have a fall back plan?

What happens when the fabled cheque stops coming? Only stupid singers die poor. Singer Nince Henry of the Nyongeza song maintains that only the ‘stupid’ singers die poor. He maintains that the easiest way to become an overnight millionaire is for one to have a successful hit and once one achieves that, the planning should begin in earnest.

“Any Ugandan artiste who gets a hit song can make it. The problem comes in planning. For instance, sometimes I make up to sh 4m a week, which is way above what most people earn in offices. My main problem is not how to spend, but rather how to plan for that money,” he tells Chano 8.

He further explains: “Some upcoming musicians have more property and assets than the so called big musicians. We have moved from driving Escalades and Hummers, to investing in real estate.”

According to Nince, unless one learns to treat their music career like a job, they are likely to end up like singer Red Banton of the ‘Noonya money’ fame who has become the laughing stock of the industry.

Read more in the Chano8 April issue here.

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