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DOADOA Arts Festival Returns

The annual DOADOA event is back this year with some interesting programmes that will kick off on 4th to the 7th of May with four venues. National Theatre, Big Mikes Club, Uganda Museum and Cayenne Bar and Restaurant.

The opening night which is going to be next Wednesday at National Theatre will have a preliminary session which will begin with a conversation with Drammeh Oko on the History of African Artists in the Diaspora and the orientation session provides guidance for maximizing your DOADOA experience and opportunity to network with all conference delegates and professionals. Learn to strategize while meeting your expected goals.


Nandujja’s Planet performs at last year’s Doadoa


There will be talk sessions

Then on Thursday at the Uganda Museum, there will be a Conference with a topic: Music Education which will be training musicians to understand their trade. Key speakers will include Charles Houdart (France) of the African Music Development Programme and James Isabirye (UG) of SELAM Uganda. This is because there is a huge debate within the East African Music Academic circles on who qualifies to be a musician and more so who is a professional Musician. There are several paramount lessons to learn to be a great and successful Musician or stakeholder within the sector/industry

After that, another topic of Artist promoter’s network meeting will take place at Uganda Museum

At 12hrs with Speakers: Jibril Rashid (KE) of Roots International, Elijah Kitaka (UG) of FEZAH, KarengeraKirenga Eric Soul (RWA) of Afrogroov/Kigali up Festival. They will be discussing the benefits of arts.

Conference three will have Women in Music at the Uganda Museum Main Hall at 14:30hrs with key Speakers: Christine Kamau (KE), Grace Matata (TZ), Maureen Rutabingwa (MO ROOTS) (UG). They will be sharing their experience in music while Conference four has Songwriters network meeting with Ray Signature (UG), Silver Kyagulanyi (UG) and Joe Tabula (UG) as the Moderator:

Other activities to be held include How to market dance, Fusing Music and Dance in Theatre by bridging the gap between various performing arts, original music composition, conversation with Mike Strano on the role of music publishers and what they are looking for, Festival networking session – Cocktail and the closing ceremony on Saturday will have a conversation with SELAM, The role played by SELAM Foundation in both Africa and Europe, The role of preservation and digitization of heritage music, five things every musician needs to book great gigs and finally the closing plenary.

DOADOA is the East African Performing Arts Market that provides a platform for professional networking and joint learning, bringing together various stakeholders and link people, organizations, businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market for the performing arts and unlock the potential of the East African creative industry, making it an important factor for economic, social and cultural development throughout the region.



Date Band Venue
7pm Opening Cocktail National Theatre
8pm Entenga Drums Music Performers (UG)
9pm Dbass Ganun (TZ)
8.30pm Grace Matata (TZ) Cayenne Bar and Restaurant
9.30pm Gravitti Band (KE)
10.30pm Ze Spirit Band (TZ)
After Party DJ collaboration DJ Ras Brown + DJ Dropout Big Mikes Club
8pm Cultural Arts Centre (TZ) National Theatre
9pm Ricky Na Marafiki (KE)
10pm Kenneth Mugabi (UG)
11pm Lulu and Zakaleo Band (KE)
After party DJ collaboration DJ Dark Meme + DJ Slugface Big Mikes Club
8pm Apollo Kagimu (UG) National Theatre
9pm Christine Kamau (KE)
10pm Ruyonga (UG)
After party DJ collaboration SMADJ in Collaboration + DJ Rachael Big Mikes Club




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