Don Bahati Explains King Lawrence’s Absence At Semwanga’s Burial

Late Ivan Semwanga who was a former South Africa-based Ugandan business man and socialite was laid to rest yesterday the 30th of May 2017 at his ancestral home in Nakaliro, Kayunga district with thousands of mourners who came from different walks of life to say bye to the fallen Rich Gang boss.

One obvious person whom the public expected to be at the burial is King Lawrence who apart from being a member of Rich Gang has been Ivan’s right hand man and cousin. Well, it was noticed that he missed, a thing Don Bahati Lubega (Rich Gang member) explained.

“Don Ivan has been running many businesses and these are working days so people can hijack his accounts. What will the children do? They might take his property. It requires an influential person to stay there. Lawrence was also hurt but it is not that he failed to come, he has everything.” Bahati explained while speaking at the morning TV show called Zuukuka on BBS TV today

Don Bahati speaking on Zuukuka TV show

“You heard the situation that was there, from treating him, the movements up and down and the quarrels. So these got King Lawrence stranded so he had to stay to safeguard the assets for example to monitor Don Ivan’s 30 colleges to keep running in that although he is gone, his children can benefit from them.” He added

Bahati disclosed that despite the fact that King missed the burial, he sent condolences of 50,000 US Dollars and as he concluded, he told off critics that Rich Gang will not fade away as they allege.

“What people should know is Rich Gang has many members and it cannot fade away and it will be protected and stay in all aspects as a matter of fact, what Ivan has been offering is the same thing Rich Gang will offer. People should not lose hope and the Rich Gang party is going to continue happening and the money will also continue to be blown.”

Money was thrown into Semwanga’s grave before they laid him to rest


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