“Don’t Do Your Shopping In Kampala”-Bobi Wine’s Christmas Message To Fans

Photos by Habre Muriisa

As everyone is informed that we are in the festive season and Christmas is coming soon with only 21 days left, Christians are just counting days as they prepare to welcome Jesus’ birth. One of the preparations people do these days is shopping where they buy different things varying from cloths, decoration, gifts and off course food stuffs.

Bobi Wine

Those who work from Kampala city always prefer to do their shopping in there because of the fair prices on goods but the ‘Situka’ singer is not siding with that. After concluding his performance at Big Eye’s Nkuziniremu Self Contained concert at Hotel Lagrand located in Bwaise last night, Bobi told this to the crowd.

If you went with like one million shillings and shop in the village, your small home town will earn too much money and they will be grateful but when you go to the village when you have bought everything in Kampala, your home business men will die of poverty while those in Kampala are earning good money. Please go with your money and shop in the villages because everything here is there as well.”


Bobi Wine advises fans not to do their Christmas shopping in Kampala but in their home villages to support the bussines men there as well

Bobi wished everyone a happy Christmas and called them for an annual concert on Boxing Day at his owned beach One Love

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