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Dorothy Shonga Embarrasses Herbert Shonga On Facebook

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All along, we have been thinking Herbert Shonga is one of the most loaded socialites in Uganda. In fact, he has been throwing lavish parties in different bars and night clubs until he bought his own.

However, the source of his wealth has been revealed and it has nothing to do with hard work.

His wife, Dorothy Shonga says she has been investing in Shonga ever since they met and that it is her money that he has been riding on.

“Herbert, I made you. I found you putting on rags, I invested in your Shonga Advertising Media Company, I financed our wedding, and I invested in Space Lounge. I’m the one who pays for our children’s school fees and pay rent,” she said on Facebook live.

This all came about after she caught him cheating with one of his employees only identified as Shiela who is also the PR of Space Lounge.

Dorothy said that Shonga is a womanizer who will never let a woman pass by and for her to talk now, it has been long overdue.

“One time I caught you talking to Shiela at 2am in Makindye after we had finished shopping. When I asked you who that was, you made up excuses that it was Douglas. On checking the last dialed numbers, her name popped up and you almost beat me up in public after I confronted you. I’m tired of your cheating ways,” she added .

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga (The Shongaz) on their wedding


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